Pulmonary Disorder Treatment in El Paso

pulmonary disorder treatmentLiving with a pulmonary disorder can be difficult, but by receiving proper treatment, you can better manage your symptoms. El Paso Pulmonary Association is dedicated to helping patients find the best treatment and take their lives back. We treat various pulmonary disorders and can help you manage yours.

Common Pulmonary Disorders

Speaking with a Pulmonary Doctor

When you speak with a pulmonary doctor, you gain the ability to better understand your symptoms. A pulmonary doctor will conduct tests and, based on your referral from your primary care physician, give you a proper diagnosis as well as determine what your next steps for treatment should be. Some tests you may undergo include blood tests, lung biopsies, and a bronchoscopy, which examines the state of your bronchial tubes.

Why are Pulmonologists Certified to Treat Me?

Before becoming certified doctors, pulmonologists must go through years of school and training, including multiple degrees, years of working in a residency program, and gaining quality pulmonology-related experience in a hospital or physician setting. Pulmonary doctors typically undergo eight to ten years of college and medical school, a three-year residency program in internal medicine, and a two-year fellowship in pulmonology. Once they are certified, pulmonologists are able to open their own practice and so on. Pulmonologists are trained to treat any pulmonary disorders you may have, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Pulmonary Disorder Treatment

Typically, pulmonary disorder treatment doesn’t involve just one thing. Many people complete treatment by taking medications and undergoing different procedures that help make breathing easier. Treatment can include bronchodilators, steroids, and oxygen therapy.

El Paso Pulmonary Association Can Help!

If you suffer from a pulmonary disorder and want to take back your life, El Paso Pulmonary Association can help. We specialize in pulmonary care and treatment and can help you find the right treatment plan for you. Call or visit us today. Together, we can help get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle.